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After several years of marriage Fathima and Yusuf were still deeply in love. They had two beautiful children, a lovely house in a good neighbourhood, a nice car and with Yusuf’s salary Fathima was able to stay at home and look after the children. They were truly an inspiration to all people. All, but their grumpy, jealous neighbour.
One morning as Yusuf was leaving the driveway and Fathima blew him a kiss, the neighbour watched in utter jealousy. She needed to stop this happiness.

An hour later she met a friend for tea. This friend loved to gossip and the grumpy neighbour decided to use this friend of hers as a tool. "Did you hear about Yusuf and his affair…" she maliciously and wickedly started. After a while she ended: "Poor Fathima and the kids…if only they knew."
Needless to say, the gossip story spread like a wildfire throughout the community. Soon after the gossip spreading, the women’s smiles towards Fathima turned into pity-stares. One day while shopping in the local supermarket a shopper approached Fathima to tell her about the gossip story:
"Is it true that your husband is having an affair?"
In an instant, Fathima’s "perfect life" was crushed. For the next few days she cried continuously as she tried to hide her hurt from Yusuf. Depression started to consume Fathima’s life as the joy was squashed from her body. One night as Yusuf drove into the driveway he saw that none of the house lights were on.

“As Salaamu alaikum”, I’m home…" No answer. No aromatic food scent met him as he walked into the home. No smiling faces as his wife and children ran towards him.
Everything was dark and cold. An evil feeling surrounded the house.
In the basement of the house Yusuf made the shocking and gruesome discovery. Fathima had
hung herself and the kids. The depression had taken its toll. On the table lay the suicide note: "I couldn’t endure the shame and disgrace of your actions anymore. Now you are free to do whatever you want to…"
Two days later Yusuf heard about the lie that shattered his life. It was the handiwork of an evil and conniving neighbour who had very little or better still no respect for the next human being. Spreading and fuelling rumours are the workings of shaytaan and his allies from the humankind.

What is your reaction whenever you hear a gossip story? Do you delight yourself in it – especially if it involves your enemies? Or do you decide to stop it and rather say something positive about the person? Does your Imaan stop you dead in your tracks from even entertaining gossip stories or do you ruthlessly revel and dive into the gossip pool. Remember rumours wreck lives. Would you want your mouth and hands soiled because of your part in the spread of a rumour, sometimes, as in the above case with the blood of a family?
May Allah Ta’ala protect us from this evil and grant us the ability to make meaningful contributions to the lives of others, Ameen


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