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A lifestyle is best defined as a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. When a particular lifestyle is chosen, an identity is established. The lifestyle a person adopts reflects his identity. From times gone-by lifestyles came and went. The only one that has stood the test of time is Islam even though it is considered and taken to be a religion. When Muslims begin living Islam they no longer adopt a religion but they now adopt a lifestyle. A way of life that has surpassed every other. It has been chalked out by a Divine and Supreme Being Who knows what is in the best interest of His creation. And thus in the adoption of the lifestyle prescribed by Islam is untold reward for every step of the way.
Leading a lifestyle according to the dictates of Allah Ta’ala and His beloved and august Prophet (S.A.W.) is what equals Ubudiyaah-a concept which means servitude and devotion to One Supreme being.

From times immemorial a lifestyle was just one of two kinds. The one that has been prescribed by Allah Ta’ala and the other is in opposition of the lifestyle chalked out by Allah Ta’ala.
Therefore, the lifestyles, that we choose to adopt is only a matter of choice. Like in everyday life we are presented with choices that shape and fashion our futures, the lifestyle that we choose is no different. It is simply a matter of choice!
How we choose to lead our lives is entirely up to us. The pathways are clear and well defined. This we are taught in the Qur’aan and Prophetic narrations of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.).
There is no compulsion on any human being to adopt a particular lifestyle. However for what he chooses there are definitely and most certainly consequences. The consequences are once again just two! Either, eternal and everlasting joy, pleasure and absolute peace or everlasting pain, misery, suffering and untold grief.
So maybe to many a lifestyle doesn’t really mean anything. However if we look closely at it, it tells us of a destination. It tells us where we want to go. But then again sometimes we make the wrong choices in life-there is nothing wrong in that for as human beings we are all prone to errors and misjudgments. This doesn’t mean that we are stuck with the wrong choice for life and therefore face eternal damnation. As long as we are still breathing, the wrong can be put right. All it takes is a change. Almost everything in today’s world is changeable. The wrong lifestyle that we are currently leading too can be changed.
And irrespective of how far we have on the wrong high-way of life and no matter at what great speeds we are travelling on this route, we could surely slow down and turn around.

In the dark times we are living in there is nothing that can change our pitiable conditions except a lifestyle change. Allah Ta’ala has promised this in His Divine Book, that He will only change the conditions that have befallen a nation when they will change themselves.
When we study the lives of the Sahaabah (R.A.) we come across a period that was known as Ayamul Jaahiliyaah (Days of period of ignorance) - This period was so aptly applied to them for when we look at their lives and lifestyles we will find loathsome and vile acts that was the very outcome of ignorance. These were the very same people who buried their infant daughters alive for no good enough reason except that they considered them to be an ill-omen. These were the people who consumed alcohol openly. These were the people who fought amongst themselves for generations. These were the people who treated their wives as mere chattel and slaves. These are just a few examples of their abominable actions. Then Islam came- not just a religion was presented to them, but a lifestyle. Those who saw the virtue of it grabbed it and held fast onto it. When they did this they automatically created an identity. People around them now saw them differently. They now saw a people who had a sense of belonging and a mission. Hadrat Umar (R.A.) once said
“WE were the most debased of Allah Ta’ala’s creation. Allah Ta’ala gave us honour and esteem with Islam. Should we now seek honour and esteem in other than Islam then Allah Ta’ala will most assuredly return us to our former states of disgrace and humiliation”.

Once they changed their lifestyles which, of course was not easy for them, they emerged as a different nation. No more was it the days of Jaahiliyaah. Instead it became the days of light. Their situations were totally transformed. They were now a new kind of people. The wrongs they previously did became a thing of the past never to be repeated again. With Islam they began to rule the world slowly even though their numbers were small and their resources were limited. These are the people who today by mainly the Muslim world, are regarded as the beacons of Hidaayat and guidance. Should anyone say or do anything that compromises their honour and sanctity, the Muslim world is up in arms and will do anything to defend their honour so that it remains intact. What did these people do to deserve such a lofty position we ask? Well, all they did was change one lifestyle for another which was better.
The world that we are living in today has become no different from the days of Jaahiliyaah. In fact we would not be wrong if we say that it is even worse than the days of Jaahiliyaan. Godliness has become a thing of the past and in its place Godlessness has comfortably settled in. Moral decadence and degeneration is on the rampant increase throwing the world into a dark and miserable pit of disgrace and humiliation.
This is a sad state of affairs which is very true. And like every sad state it has to be changed. Alhamdullillaah a great many attempts are made in the world to change this but unfortunately many efforts seem to bear no fruits. This is because the forces of evil and Baatil are far stronger than these opposing powers. But the solution is simple- All that is needed is what sahabaah (R.A.) did. When they accepted Islam they accepted it in totality not in parts as we do today. This meant that they changed their lifestyles.

It is of no use lamenting and bemoaning the state of affairs that we are currently witnessing. There is only one solution for a transformation to happen. What is needed is just a smaller change to make that bigger and better change. So again we say it’s YOUR choice if you want to make the world a better place! And remember it is very difficult when we have to do something but on the other hand it is much easier when we want to do that something!
Allah Ta’ala’s promise is that YOU CHANGE and I will CHANGE that which is upon you! What other guarantee do we want?

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