The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) is reported to have said:
“What relationship do I have with this world? I am in this world like a rider who halts under the shade of a tree for a short time and after taking some rest, resumes his journey, leaving the tree behind.” (TIRMIDHI)
In the light of this hadeeth let us consider the example of a true traveller. The word traveller itself says a lot. It says of something that is not permanent but something that is temporary. A traveller is someone who is on the move. He moves from town to town or city to city until he reaches his destination of which he knows very well even before he sets out on his journey. And no matter how beautiful, inviting and enchanting is what he meets along his way, he may stop and take in its beauty, but never for a moment does he lose focus of his destination and decide to cut short his journey and settle in the place that has caught his fancy and admiration.

This worldly life is exactly the same. It is only like a city that we are passing through on our way to the hereafter. And no matter how beautiful and inviting it is, as believers, we cannot settle here because our destination is somewhere else. This we all firmly believe in and know well. As believers, this is what we understand better than everyone else. In the countless funerals that we attend, the
This world is nothing but temporary and all that is in it, whether joy or pain, is very temporal too. The hereafter is the only thing that is permanent and there too will the joy we experience and the pain we suffer be permanent.
No traveller in his right frame of mind will stay back in a certain place that has appealed to him and begin amassing wealth and other valuables to decorate that place, unless he chooses to alter his journey and make that place his destination now.

Today the ummah has sadly cut short their journey to the hereafter and decided to settle in this world only because we have become enamored and awed by its beauty. We have forgotten, and that too despite the numerous reminders, that this world is just a lap of our journey. We say this not out of some conjecture of our minds but from what is glaring all around us. We do not know how to live simply or better still putting it in context we cannot travel light! From the cars we drive to the palatial homes we build, to the elaborate fixtures and fitting within our homes and right down to the exclusive designer brands we clothe ourselves with, is the unequivocal message of we have become people of the dunyaa. We have forgotten that we are on a journey and that our destination is the hereafter. Thus we have settled comfortably here and like great fools wallow in this misconception that we are here forever.

This world with all its fineries and adornments is of absolute no-value in the sight of our Creator. Had it been worth even the wing of a mosquito, He would have not given the non-believer in him, even a drop of water to drink. And because of its total insignificance in His sight, he has given it to both His enemies and friends alike. It is only the life of Jannah that is of great value to Him and is held to be prized greatly. This is why He has reserved it especially for His friends.
The success of this ummah can only be restored once again when we shun the world and give it the right and correct standing it so deserves. We need to detach ourselves from it and attach ourselves to the hereafter. And detachment from this world does not mean that we own nothing-it simply means that nothing should own us. Until and unless this does not happen, we will continue living in this folly and forget our destination of the hereafter.
We are a nation with a purpose and a goal. We cannot be swayed by those whose only goal is amassing and accumulating the temporary pleasures of this world. We cannot hop onto this band-wagon if we desire a change of the pitiable conditions that the world currently faces. Let’s face the hard facts-almost every misery in the world today is somehow in more than one way related and connected to the greed and want of wealth!

True travellers we have to become in every sense of the word. We need to behave in a way that befits a traveller not only when we witness a Janaaza leaving our midst but in the every single day that we live. Keeping focused on the hereafter totally will be the only driving force to travel lightly.
The true success of a believer is not based on how much of this world he has managed to secure and invest and accumulate. Had this been the true definition of success, then Jannah and the life of the hereafter would have not been created. We would be made to live in here forever and our efforts in securing the valuables of this world would have been greatly lauded by our Creator. This is not the case as we all know. Jannah has already been created and patiently and eagerly awaits those who have undertaken the journey towards it. Should you wish to reach this destination with the greatest of ease then its high time we rethink all of the excess luggage we are carrying already and as soon as possible shed the extra loads which we all want but in reality we do not need.
Every birth that we witness should remind us of the beginning of this journey and every death that we hear of should remind us of the end of this journey. No one comes in this world with valuables attached and no one leaves with the same. We all come empty handed and leave in very much the same way. A deep and profound message for only those who want to and are prepared to hear it!


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