Tips to making Ramadaan better
By: Anonymous

´╗┐Tips to help make this Ramadaan better for You...

In Ramadaan we refrain from food and drink for so many hours of the day, one would think that most people would lose weight. Unfortunately, this is not so. In fact, many people gain weight in Ramadaan!
It is small oversights coupled with misinformation, complacency and “traditions” that lead to the extra kilograms, tiredness, heartburn and all the usual tiresome “Ramadaan body complaints” that so many are plagued with.
Here are few tips to help make this Ramadaan better for you Inshaallah.

1. Drink ENOUGH water. Most people mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating when the body really needs hydration. Make an effort to drink to 2 to 3 glasses of water at sehri time, open fast with a glass of water and drink at least another four glasses before you go to bed. This alone will help alleviate tiredness, hunger and keep you more alert during the day.
2. Don’t STOP exercising. On average, your daily calorie intake is likely to increase in Ramadaan – especially if you have savouries,milkshake, sarbat and/or haleem. This means that by stopping your usual activity, you’re only making things worse. More calories IN plus less calories OUT simply means…. Weight gain. You don’t have to do strenuous exercise. Simple walking for half an hour every second day combined with pilates or stretching exercises will be adequate. Provided you drink enough water at sehri, you will not find this difficult.
3. Compare your average daily meals. Make a list of what you have eaten on a day that you are NOT fasting and try and work out your daily calorie intake. Next, make a list of a typical day of eating when you ARE fasting. Here too try and work out your daily calorie intake. I’m sure u will be unpleasantly surprised at what you find out! Fried foods are not only calorie dense but they are very deceptive in that we can eat way more than we should because of the bite size servings that they come presented in. Furthermore, the common misconception in Ramadaan is “pack it in between iftaar and sehri ‘cos I’m starving myself for the rest of the day”! Don’t fall into that trap!
4. Don’t forget about fruit and vegetables. Make an effort to eat at least one fruit other than kajoor everyday and try to make a salad or vegetable with each meal. Fasting is not a ticket to omit eating this antioxidant rich, high fibre, delicious, essential food options.
5. Watch you kajoor intake. Dates are a wonderful source of potassium and glucose. This is what makes it ideal to open fast with. However, just one kajoor has the same amount of calories as one apple, or one teaspoon of sugar or one marie biscuit or½ a slice of bread. Eating kajoor and citing following a Sunnah as your reason for doing it does not make sense if you eat 5 kajoors followed by 3 fried samoosas, a glass of milkshake and 3 chicken pies… and that’s just for iftaar!!

Alhamdulillah, we have been given this blessed month to Detox our minds AND bodies. Let’s Earn our Eid celebration this year inshaallah.
Ramadaan Mubarak.

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